Letters Home & Homework

    Ms. Black’s Class Jan 30 – Feb 3 2016

  1. Parent/Teacher Conferences will begin next week.  You can access the calendar at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10hVTxbThEgvs_z4TN-KIIxrvRi9mIdagUSlC7r_9VoA/edit?ts=58891c4b

    Or, call the office to schedule a meeting at (205) 379-2400

    Or, put a note in your child’s agenda. 

  2. Field Trip forms for Sloss and Vulcan went home yesterday.  The fieldtrip will be Wed.  March 1st.  The form and $25 are due February 14th.

Vocabulary: (Same as last week)

disbelief: to lace belief about something

dismay: to feel shock and surprise

fabulous: amazing

features: something noticeable

offered: present with something you can accept or turn down

splendid” beautiful or magnificent

watchful: to watch carefully

unique: one of a kind.


We will ask ourselves: 1) Why would an author write a folktale?

2) How does the character’s motivation move the story?


We will read Inchworm’s Tale and Martina the Beautiful Cockroach


We will learn to:

* Visualize: Use colorful words and details to help you visualize or form pictures in your mind. This will help you understand the characters’ actions and feelings

* Problem and Solution: A problem is something that needs to change or be solved. The solution is how the characters fix the problem. The problem and solution help move the plot along.

* Folktale: A short story passed from parents to children in a culture. Usually has a short message or teaches a lesson.

* Synonyms: Words that have the same meaning. Sometimes synonyms are context clues for words you don’t know.


At the end of the week we will begin reading Historical Fiction.

Writing and Grammar


Writers use statements, questions, and exclamations. Different kinds of sentences make a story more interesting to read and understand.



We will focus on possessive nouns and irregular nouns.




Monster Multiplication Test each Wednesday and Friday.

Order of tests: X0,1; X11; X10; X2; X5; X3; X4; X6; X7; X8; X9; X12

Remember: You need a 90 or above to go on to the next test.


We will relate division to fractions.


We will divide after lunch treats and decide if we can share them evenly, need a remainder, or can make a fraction.


We will complete our research for our outside garden. We will read our science books, informational texts, use the internet, and conduct science experiments to determine what plants we need to buy for our outside garden and what these plants will need to survive.


Spelling: rControlled Vowels

(Only 11 this week)












Homework and Reminders







Reading Homework

Name of Book:


Name of Book:


Name of Book:



Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe Due Tomorrow

Name of Book:



Math Homework

Math Red Folder Common Core Sheet p 4 #1-7

Study Monster X

Math Red Folder Common Core Sheet p.4 #8-20

Math Red Folder Common Core Sheet p.5 #1-8

Study Monster X

Math Red Folder Common Core Sheet p.5 #9-15

Math Red Folder Common Core Sheet p.6 All Questions

Notes and Reminders Due

Spelling Tic-Tac-Toe Goes Home Today




Papers to Be Signed Go Home

I look forward to hearing from you this year!  I can be reached any time via email: eblack@jefcoed.com and I check agendas for notes every morning